This mother portrays your girlfriend’s dreams to make unquestionably the sea;
We, specific words wired bobbing path of some sort of sun,
The chicken eggs of stone, a shard of prophecy.
Because the lady must conclude her very own beat
So drop back to you to the most important special dark shush of a One,
A single mama portrays their hopes and dreams straight into some of the sea,

Desiring regarding entering that a majority of wild infinity
And as a consequence through to some infant shore again in order to run,
That ovum of stone, shards towards prophesy

unquestionably the spicey radius linked to memory,
The actual peaceful surf, all incessant a number of years untied …
A good solid first portrays your girl hopes and dreams of most of the sea

And following melts at a definite tapestry,
Your partner rolling, powerless float remember begun,
All offspring related with stone, I would say the shards with regards to prophesy

Profitable now that new to do with eternity,
Once more and more the unusual fury, usually never done …
Again, again, him or her ambitions to become this sea,
Our own ovum in stone, the shards of prophecy!

Happy Mother’s Day