Mother’s day is a holiday which is being celebrated as a tribute to all mothers and motherhood in different dates in many parts of the country and its annual holiday. The origin of this holiday came from the ancient Greeks and Roman and the modern date came from the United States in the early 20th Century.

This tribute day was first celebrated in 1908 in Grafton and West Virginia just when the Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother Anna Reeves Jarvis. At first, like many years earlier, she founded a Mother’s Day Clubs in five cities. She also started to do a campaign to make this Mother’s Day as an international holiday and she succeeded in 1914. The President of the U.S. Woodrow Wilson has proclaimed the Second Sunday in May as a Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in the US

Like others countries, people in the US also make some special effort to make this day a successful one for their mothers or mother figures. They try with their heart to meet their mothers. They bring or send common mother gifts like flowers, chocolates, candy, cards, clothing, jewelry, etc. Many give some special treat such as beauty treatment or a trip to a spa and some organize outing for the whole family, hold a special meal at restaurants or at home. The school helps their pupils in preparations of handmade cards or some small gifts for their mothers.

Mothers Day Celebration In Different Countries
Mothers Day Celebration In Different Countries

Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom

This day is not just for only mothers, it also goes honor to all the other mother figures like stepmothers, grandmothers, and mother-in-law. All the children make efforts to especially to visit their mother. They make a lot of preparations like taking or making cards of their own, treat her to brunch or they had lunch or high tea in a café, restaurant or hotel. Some couldn’t make time to meet them they usually send gifts or cards for her.

There is an important part of this Mothering Sunday is that giving cards and gifts which is common. Cards, gifts, cakes, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and also some luxurious clothing are really common types of gifts. But some people do not give any physical gifts rather chose to give or treat their mothers or grandmothers with some special meal, fun outing and with a beauty treatment.

Mother’s Day in Australia

People in Australia appreciate this day and their mothers or mother figures where there is a mother, relatives, guardians, foster mother, stepmothers and many close family friends. There are some organizations who work on Mother’s Day patrons together with media. They raise funds for the awareness for some charitable or non-profit causes. On that Mother’s Day events they include some activities which are:

For breast cancer, they organize walks and runs and raise money for causes.
They visit on some place of interest like the zoo, movies, botanical gardens etc.
Have their brunches, breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas, and dinners at restaurants, home or café. Give flowers, chocolates, gift vouchers, clothing, handmade gifts and cards and many other gifts are presented to the mother figures and mothers.

Some prints or broadcasts their poem as well as stories based on Mother’s Day in the magazines, radio, newspapers, television or on the internet as a present to their mother figures and mothers. Many spend the entire day with full family and clo0se friends on a picnic in a park or in the beach on that very special Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day 2018 Gift

Mother’s are such a beauty and a combination of a wholehearted person. They will accept all your gifts no matter how cheap or what that will be. They will always see the love and affection you have given to buy that for her and will embrace you and your gift with love. All people have some or a special choice on some specific thing and you can give that particular thing to her as a Mother’s day 2018 gift. But according to my suggestion, I would suggest something which will help your mother’s with that. Mother’s are the one who always keeps herself at work and work and caring for you. Let’s give your mother a day and show her how much you care for her as well. That can be:

  • Offer your mother a beauty treatment and a spa trip which will help her in relaxing her whole body and mind.
  • Give her a lunch date or a candlelight dinner with your father or with all you people.
  • Gift her some household thing that she was expecting to buy.
  • Luxurious dresses which were her dream to have.
  • You can also gift holiday packages that are specially offered by the organizations on that special Mother’s day 2018.

There are many such and different offers a gift which has been offered by the shops and event organizers for this Mother’s Day 2018. Chose the wise one for your beautiful mother.