We all love our mother and that is the reason why we make so much effort to make the day special up to the mark. This is the day to celebrate, appreciate, pampered and spoilt. If you are after any gift ideas for your mother than bellowed ideas may help you out.

1. Exotic Vacation

Everyone can’t afford an expensive vacation but still, you can enjoy a little taste of France or maybe any other place that intrigues you. So get some croissants for the breakfast, pack a picnic lunch of French cheese, bread, cheese, fruit, or you may order a meal from any of your favorite deli or restaurants and dive into the flavor of the country. You can give an added touch to your kitchen or the dining room table by placing a red-and-white-checkered tablecloth and also with some fresh flowers with French music. To add some fun you can learn some common French words to surprise your mother a little bit.

2. Go to Movies

Photos are the one which takes us to the memories back years, to our childhood, our and many other memories which we have spent on those days. This would be an awesome way to spend some good time with some good and emotional memories. Or you can watch a good movie at your home theater which is an extra fun to watch with the whole family.

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas 2018
Mother’s Day Activity Ideas 2018

3. Humor in family life

It’s never late to try or start something new. You can do something new and funny with or to your family. Animation or comic is something by which you can work out all your thoughts and imagination about life and about your family members. So take a paper, make a comic sketch of your family, draw squares next to each member. Now people who are older help with the writing and the younger help with the color and some funny thoughts. You can make this sketchbook with something happened in the past or something from childhood to till present. You can give a name to your sketchbook with your family name or anything you think will go with this.

4. Listen to some music

Spending times with music always great and if that can be done with the whole family, it’s awesome. We can play a music game like; a member of your family will sing a song and where that person will stop another member will sing a song with that alphabet. Give it a try, you will have fun. Or you can turn up the volume, make a stage at your home, and prepare a show where everyone will have “lip-synch” contest. For that, every member of the family will record their favorite song on a CD and then they will play that and will make lip-sync with that song. And you can give a surprise to your mother in between the contest to tell her how much you all love her and how much she is important for you all to the song.

5. Pamper Her

Your mother or wife is one who works the whole day, even in the weakened. This is the when you can pamper her and give her a holiday or weekend feeling to her. Few days before the Mother’s Day, make a list by discussing with the other members and plan how you will going to accomplish all those listed things. You can pamper her in ways like,

Give her an hour to make a call to her best friend.
You can give her an hour to soak her in a bathtub and to relax.
Let her sleep till late.
Give a manicure or pedicure voucher at her favorite nail salon.
Manage yourself for a day and do everything on your own.
Many other things that she loves will love to do.

6. Bug Safari

Spring has come. It’s high time to go for a good old-fashioned bug safari and to explore all the different kinds of insects so that you can let your children know about those. Take a magnifying glass and some other precautions if you are needed for that and get started to explore in your own backyard or in a local park. Tell your children some interesting facts about the insects like a grasshopper; it can leap 20 times the length of their body which is like a human jumping halfway across a football field. After that, they can pick some flowers from the garden and can make a homemade bouquet and gift you that.

7. Plant trees or Flowers

You can plan something great before the Mother’s day, you all can do some social work things like, plants some herbal, green trees or some flower seeds which is also very useful for the global warming. With this, you can give a message to your mother such as We Love You, MOM. Write it down with a stick on top of the mud and then drop the flower seeds into the lines and cover them up and water them. By watering them regularly the flowers will bloom nice and evenly and you can present that to your mother on the Mother’s Day.

8. Lasting Impression

Gifting something that is related to the family members is precious. We all love to keep the memories of our family members. Mothers love that most. So, on a selected warm day, let’s have some prints of your all family members by placing the hands and feet into a shallow tub of colorful and non-toxic paint. You need to do is to spread a roll of butcher paper, press their hands and feet onto it, leave that to dry. After that label each print with everyone’s name and leave some special message for your mother. Keep doing this every year so that you can enjoy and have some fun seeing how much bigger those hands and feet have become.

9. Hugs

“Hug and Kisses”, make it a fun for the whole day. On the Mother’s day, set up a silly hugs and kisses schedule and stick that to the refrigerator or on some visible spot. Say for example, you can make time like at 11:00 am; everyone will run out from the couch and will give hug and kisses to your mother, or at 2:00 pm everyone will stand in front of an oak tree on one foot and all will assemble for a group hug, then at 4:00 pm if no-one gives hug and kisses to mom, no one will get the snacks. Like this, make your own funny and silly schedule for hugs and kisses. By doing this, you all will get enough hugs, kisses, and laughter in your day.