The Relaxing Basket

Place her favorite items such as these in a basket:
Her favorite flavors of scented candles
Incense sticks
A soothing heating pad
Yummy smelling bubble bath
A relaxing CD you made for her or one you purchased
A fun little backscratcher

Oriental Chef

Place all items in the work:
Special seasonings and sauces: Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Sweet N’ Sour Sauce and/or Hot Mustard
Bag of fortune cookies
Can or bag of chow mien noodles and rice noodles
Fancy chopsticks and disposable chopsticks
Oriental cooking book

Leisure Time

Fill a large bowl or basket with these items:
Her favorite movie (if she has it on VHS, get it on DVD)
Popcorn packets
6-pack of her favorite soda
CD that she has been wanting
A new game that is fun to play in a group
Opening day tickets to an event she would like (Movie, Concert Tickets, Play or Musical)


Place her favorite items such as these in a basket:
Hardbound version of her favorite book
A book by an author she hasn’t read before
Cute bookmark (make one yourself if you want)
Fancy stationery and really nice pens
Hot Cocoa with the decorative mug
Warm fuzzy slippers

Yummy Cookie Baker

Place all items on a cookie sheet and wrap with cellophane and ribbon:
Fill a cute cookie jar with cookie cutters and sprinkles
Specialty cookie press
The recipe book full of cookie recipes
Ready-made frosting
Cookie Mixes

Delicious Cake Baker

Place all items in a cake pan (pick a shame she doesn’t have- heart, flower):
Various cake mixes: Chocolate swirl, confetti, marble, red velvet, etc.
Ready-made frostings: Chocolate, confetti, vanilla, cream cheese
Decorative sprinkles
Cake Decorating kit (or get new tips that she doesn’t have)
Birthday candles or other fun cake toppers
Really nice cake server

Mother’s Day Gift Basket
Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Chocolate Dreamers

Place her favorite chocolate items such as these in a basket:
Huge chocolate drop
Yummy hot chocolate packets with a mug
Gift wrapped a box of chocolates
Delicious chocolate coated pretzels, raisins and/or peanuts


Pizza Making

Place all items on a pizza stone or pizza pan:
Sturdy pizza cutter
Ready-made pizza sauce
Recipe(s) for Pizza dough or coupon for frozen dough
Olives, mushrooms, pineapple, and anchovies

Italian Chef

Place all items in a large cooking pot:
Specialty noodles
Ready-made sauces
Parmesan cheese & Romano cheese
Spices: Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, etc.
Italian recipes

Grilling Maniac

Place all items in a grill:
Charcoal briquettes
Bar-B-Que spices and sauces
Bar-B-Que tools: tongs, spatula, wire brush
Grilling recipes

Day Off Basket

Place all items in a cute basket:
Made up a gift certificate for a day off (Either Mom can have the day to herself or Dad can get a babysitter and the two go out for the day)
Gift Certificate for an outing to her most loved restaurant
Her favorite smelling lotion
Scented bubble bath and bath gel
Fun and relaxing book
Her favorite movie on DVD or VHS

Garden Lover

Place all items in a clay pot:
Hand shovel and rake
Leather gloves
Various packets of seeds
Bag of soil
Flower bulbs
Flower shaped cookies (or other various garden shapes: bunnies, carrots)

Scrapbook Lover

Place all items in a large tote tray:
New embossing tool
Different colors of embossing powder
A variety of decorative paper
Cute stickers
Several colors of gel pens
Crafty scissors
Rubber stamps
Paper punches in fun shapes

Quilting Lover

Place all items in a sewing box or basket:
Thread cones (white, blue, black, etc.)
Variegated thread (get lots of different colors)
Quilting Book with patterns
Fat Quarters
Coupon for her most frequented quilt store

Sports Lover

Place all items in a small duffle bag:
Squirt bottles
Golf Tees
Golf Balls
Tickets for to a game with her favorite team
Sports towels or beach towels
Thick, shock-absorbing sports socks
Energy bars and drinks

Camping Mom

Place all items in a Daypack, cooler, Dutch oven, or basket:
Water Container(s)
Dried food
Camping recipes (backpacking or Dutch oven recipes)
Thick, supportive hiking socks
Field Guide (flowers, birds, animals, plants)
Binoculars (for bird watching)

Soon to Be Mom

Place all items in a basket or baby bathtub:
Cute baby clothes
Booties and socks
Bath-time supplies (shampoo, soap, etc.)
Disposable diapers
Yellow rubber ducky
Bottles filled with candy

Candy Lover

Place her favorite items such as these in a basket:
Chocolate anything
Gourmet jelly beans
Candy Bars
Sourballs (get a mix of flavors)
Homemade caramels
Red and Black Licorice
Mint Patties
Gummy Candies (worms, bears, etc.)
Yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels, raisins, etc.