Mother’s Day Poems

There’s something that I need to say
So that you know for sure –
No-one in the whole wide world
Could ever love you more.

Parenthood’s a full-time job
With little chance to rest
But being a lovely mother
Is what you do best

A mother is the dearest friend of all.
She cares with all her heart
She helps with problems big and small
She’s loved you from the start

When it comes to Mothers
There are lots of them about
But you’re the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt

A Love like no other
Is the love of a Mother
A mother is a friend
on whom you can depend

You really are the perfect blend
My mother, and my best friend.

Mum’s a word that means so much
It has a happy, special touch –
Caring, sharing, loving too,
The kind of word just made for you.

The day that God was making mums
It’s clear that I was blessed,
Because the mum he gave me was
The very very best.

Any time I need you mum
I know that you’ll be there
With good advice and common sense
And lots of love to spare.

You really are the perfect Mum
And I hope that you can see
That even if I don’t say it much
You mean the world to me

I want to say this Mother’s Day
That nothing can compare
To the wonderful relationship
That we will always share

If mothers could be bought and sold
Just like stocks and shares,
Those wise enough to invest in you
Would all be millionaires.

For all the understanding
You show the whole year through
For all your care and guidance
I give my thanks to you

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I’m so glad that you’re my mum!

Although I may not tell you
quite as often as I should,
This wish brings all the gratitude
A message ever could

I’m really very glad
To have you as my ma.
You are the very best one
In the world, by far.

Here’s to you on mothers day
For all the things you do.
This special wish is bringing
Love and thanks to you!

You bring your gentle goodness
To everything you touch
And I will always love you –
You’ll never know how much.