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Mother’s Day is a commemoration of the most loved women of our lives – Mothers!
Commemorating our Mothers has been around since ancient Greece. Back in the late 1800’s Julia Ward Howe tried to get Mother’s Day to be an actually observed holiday but nothing was ever officially passed. The idea was pushed again by Ana Jarvis in the early 1900’s. Eventually, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially stated that the 2nd Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Ever since, the 2nd Sunday of May is celebrated with Mothers in beds eating yummy breakfasts, smelling bouquets of flowers, and admiring home-made projects created by 3-year-olds.

Motherhood is one of the most difficult but enjoyable parts of a woman’s life. All women are mothers in one aspect or another. Whether a grandmother, mother of her own children, an aunt, or a teacher a woman is a mother to somebody. So all women deserve a day off and Mother’s Day is just the day. Everyone wants to make Mother’s Day special for their own Mother, but the great question is how? 

Mother's DayFlowers, home-made breakfast in bed, finely crafted projects and many “I love you’s”brighten Mother’s Day all over. This day gives the family a chance to laugh and share wonderful memories. Mother’s Day is a time that her closest loved ones can cheer her, offer love and show their encouragement and support. Mother’s day is a time to share gifts to express our never-ending love. The unique nature of Mother’s Day brings the need for special gifts. Gifts given on Mother’s Day are meant to show our love and admiration to our mothers. The gifts do not need to be extravagant but can be if you really want. What is most important is that the gifts are from the heart.

Many have a difficult time deciding on the perfect gift for their Mothers. This is where we come in, to suggest ideas for the ideal gift for every kind of Mother. Whether your Mom really likes to golf or to snuggle up with a good novel we have the perfect gift idea for her. Dads out there that are anxiously trying to find the gift that will express your appreciation for your wife’s mothering capabilities, we have a whole web page perfect for you. We have several gift ideas for Moms that kids can make too. There are pages set aside for crafts, recipes and other ideas that will make your Mothers squeal with joy!

To celebrate this wonderful day with you and help you out with ideas on creating a fantastic Mother’s Day, we have made this site to guide you in creating the best and most memorable Mother’s Day ever. This site is full of fun ideas for gifts and recipes your special Mom. She makes every day special for us, why not make one day super special here.
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After the puzzle you can learn more about unique gift ideas, gifts kids can make, gifts from Dad to Mom, gift basket ideas, and recipes to make breakfast and dinner. That way Mom can have the day off!